The tool that changes your digital life

Step into a world of diverse digital expression with the 3rd generation of Bamboo by Wacom. Cutting edge technology meets stylish design and intuitive usage. With new wireless capabilities, improved multi-touch functionality and pen technology in a single device, Bamboo gives you direct access to the next level of digital creativity.

The new generation of Bamboo takes the much-loved ultra-slim design for left- or right-hand use and adds a soft touch grip area, improved pen buttons and new eraser shape. Designed for PC and Mac you can enjoy that familiar pen-on-paper feel or you switch over to touch-mode and let your fingers do the talking.The range includes Bamboo Pen, Bamboo, and Bamboo Fun – all in a stylish design, in black with lime accents. Bamboo Fun comes in medium and plus creative software Photoshop® Elements 9 and Corel Painter Essentials 4.3.

In addition Bamboo Scribe 3.0 and Evernote (downloadable free version) is included. A variety of exciting and entertaining Bamboo apps inside Bamboo dock are kept ready for download and are part of all packages. Which Bamboo are you? Choose your favourite and open up for a new way of creative and expressive communication.