Product Brief – BioStamp, The Biometric Reader

BioStamp is finger print based reader. It has a sleek design with attractive finish and elegant looks. Powered by industry’s most advanced and powerful finger print sensor, it has been seamlessly integrated with in Mifare & RFID technologies. It supports industry standard 26 bit weigand or clock/data output and can be used along with most of the controllers and readers.

Key Features

Rugged Fingerprint Algorithm

Equipped with most reliable fingerprint matching algorithm to ensure unrivaled accuracy with best verification results. Auto finger update helps in keeping the track of finger changes over the period thus adequately taking care of dry, wet & swollen fingers.

Inbuilt RJ45 Network Interface

Leveraging on the merits of IP based systems; it can easily be hooked up on the existing TCP/IP network. Thus the data can be transferred instantaneously in real time mode to a centralized server.

Field Upgradable Firmware

Facility to onsite upgrade the firmware over Ethernet interface so that any customization or new version can be easily upgraded without any need of removing the device

Multiple RFID Technologies

Supports all latest RFID technologies with inbuilt EM reader and option of having Mifare/HID iClass/HID Prox. Fingerprint template can be stored on a smart card with HID iClass/Mifare technology to facilitate data portability & unlimited users without being dependent on the device template capacity.

Excellent Price Performance Ratio

With a lower price to performance ratio ROI is automatically enhanced, the factor contributing to higher ROI is not only very competitive pricing but also higher accuracy rate offered by the product.


High level of security at affordable prices

Most accurate and powerful Fingerprint sensor

Attractive plastic enclosure with compact dimensions

Inbuilt proximity reader for 1:1 match

Supports industry standard configurable weigand output

Compatible with most of the access controllers

Easy and quick installation

Specifications: Hardware

Finger Print Sensor Most rugged and accurate optical finger print sensor
Resolution Finger Print Reader with 500 dpi resolution
FAR(False Acceptance Ratio) /FRR (False Rejection Rate) 0.001% / 0.01%
Reader Support nbuilt proximity reader (optional Mifare reader /HID Prox/HID iClass) for 1:1 match
Verification Time 1:1 match < 1 sec, 1:N match < 1 sec for less than 1000 templates
Template Storage Non volatile memory to store 1900 finger print templates (expandable up to 9000)
RTC Non Volatile Real Time Clock Calendar, Data retention for more than 10 years without external power
Display Tri color LED indication to display verification results
Communication 10 Base-T RJ45 ethernet interface (TCP/IP) with status LED indications
Reader Interface Weigand configurable from 26 bits to 40 bits / Clock Data
Supply Requirement 12VDC / 1A Switch mode supply
Power Less than 5 watt
Enclosure Plastic housing with sleek aesthetics
Humidity RH 5~95% Non-condensing
Weight 0.28 Kg
KgDimensions 5.3 cm ( L) x 15.5 cm (H) x 3.8 cm (D)

Ordering Info

Product Code Description
BioStamp /P Finger Print Reader with Inbuilt proximity reader and 1900 FP template capacity
BioStamp /HID Prox Finger Print Reader with Inbuilt HID Prox reader and 1900 FP template capacity
BioStamp /HID iClass Finger Print Reader with Inbuilt HID iClass reader and 1900 FP template capacity